Lei Zhang

About me

I have been painting classic ink and writing calligraphy since I was a small child. I inspire people through painting, my painterly language and exciting telling of old stories.
Since 2003 I have been teaching the Chinese philosophy of life in connection with ancient Chinese medicine in various forms and methods, as well as Chinese language lessons, ink painting and calligraphy Qigong, in order to make the ancient knowledge of China and the knowledge from this philosophy accessible to people. What ancient Chinese culture and philosophy passed down to people is cordiality with truthfulness. These together form the clarity from which sincerity arises, which radiates in all directions. This leads to true connection with other people and ultimately wholeness emerges.
The whole of Chinese philosophy of life, medicine and culture relates to practical life and its content is how one can holistically view and support one’s own life and that of others. That is the basis and intention of my work. In ancient Chinese medicine one thinks uniformly. It’s about the connection and harmony of heaven and earth, nature and people, mind and body (psychology and physiology), the different organs in connection with each other, between collectives and individuals, etc. In Daoism everything follows the „Dao 道“, the Way of nature. In Chinese this is called: „yi fa tong 一 法 通, wan fa tong 萬 / 万 法 通“. If one grasps the essentials of one thing, then one also grasps the essentials of other things.
There are many people here in a society that is not threatened by the danger of survival and the lack of material resources. Despite this abundance, many people feel an indescribable fear emerging within them and captivating them. By consciously dealing with ourselves, we learn more about our true selves that nature has given us. This knowledge is in the ancient Chinese culture and philosophy, in characters and language, in ancient Chinese art, in ancient Chinese medicine, in martial arts, qigong and taijiquan. Through my work I want to serve nature and people as a unit with the wisdom of ancient China. I want to spread this knowledge all over the world. When I reach people in their hearts through my work, this enables them to discover their inner destiny for themselves.
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