Joy and strength

Goal of my painting

The aim of my work is to bring joy and strength to people.

In the Chinese understanding, the mind communicates with the energy. When the mind is awake, everything flows effortlessly: So through my painting I want to show people how awake and alert their mind is and how powerful it feels. Without time and without local restrictions.

I create a bespoke painting for my clients. I specialize in combining my painting with ancient Chinese knowledge, taking into account the constitutional type and astroglogical aspects of mine. This creates a unique expression of your being in the picture. This creates a deep connection with your energy system and your own cosmos.


The character for eternity consists of “a pot of water”, “the symbol for one”, and “the symbol for water”. If we can unite the pot of water with the flowing water / river / sea together as one, then eternity arises.

A pot of water is never separate from the sea. Unity emerged from wholeness. Wholeness is another form of expression of unity. This calligraphy is the first character you learn in the first calligraphy lesson. The first step is to step into eternity. The starting point already shows the direction where we are going, the path is under our feet anyway. The direction determines the way. In which direction are you running right now? If you want, please contact me and let us take the first step together, which leads us in the direction of inner nature and nature.

Calligraphy, philosophy, wisdom, nature, harmony, self-determination, knowledge about oneself and nature, painting, symbol, the world is a spiritual world

From the heart at hand

From hand to your own world and to the world of others, and to the whole world

Heart, hand, action

What the world shows us is what we have in us, but who can correctly read this message from the symbol, the heart experiences