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Development and growth


When I was 13 I asked myself the question for the first time: If life is fleeting, what can I do to make people I love happy ?
This is my subject. I later realized that everyone strives for happiness. But the next question raises: What is happiness and being happy? In my professional life I have met so many different people from different walks of life. They all have the same topic: How can I be happy?

Lifelong learning is the highest principle for me. This results in lifelong development and growth. In China it is said: “huodaolao xuedaolao, qingchun yongzhu. 活 到 老 学到 老 , 青春永驻 – learn for life, stay young for life. ” Teaching and learning are a process of change, like the yin-yang symbol. With my experiences I would like to support people to start and continue processes of change in their lives with the joy of the heart. In this way we transform the coldness, ignorance and ignorance that draw nature and human society down into warmth, clarity, joy and energy. Then we serve nature, humanity and life. Through the ancient Chinese culture and wisdom, the accumulated energy is brought into flow through gentle movement of the body and mind.

My job is to support people – to perceive everything as a movement of energy.
First you learn to perceive the movement of energy within yourself. Step by step, the energy transforms into strength. The force directed in a productive direction turns into joy. This creates even more power. This mechanism also works the other way round. The energy and power that are not perceived and used accumulate in the inner world. Then at some point violence will follow. Violence inwards first against oneself, then finally also externally against others.
Our feelings and emotions are our strong forces that help us to recognize that the heart is beating within us and that life goes on powerfully. They help us to listen steadfastly to our inner destiny and to continue on our way.

In my individual or group coaching, I support you to find and feel your happiness and happiness again in you. Here you learn to feel in a new way. Through what we consciously do, you get to know your world anew and to feel joy, energy and strength in you again.