Learn ease, joy & energy


In ancient Chinese painting it was said: every figure that is painted begins with the first line and everything ends with the last line. Everything comes from the one.

When writing calligraphy and painting, we learn together how to use ink, water and brush to bring „the rule and regularity“ to paper. When painting, the use of ink, water, paint and brushes is “liveliness and freedom” on paper. Calligraphy and painting together are like yin and yang. The idea of ancient Chinese philosophy is much about developing the life of nature within ourselves. We get to know ourselves. This creates frugality. Satisfaction leads to peace, and peace leads to satisfaction and contentment. This leads to inner and outer wealth.

As a Chinese poem says:

yòng shén ér fǎ guàn, lǐ rù ér tài jǐn

When the mind is at work, the law flows through; if the law flows into everything, then everything from nature shows itself vividly in our actions.

With my participants we want to learn together with ease, joy and energy.

In a lively way and with a lot of laughter, I convey the ancient teaching in painting and the wisdom of the Chinese language in connection with philosophy, Daoism, Buhhdism and Confucianism to my participants.

The connection with nature is the basis in the classroom. Everything else arises from the natural ziran.